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SECURE 2.0 Tax Credit Calculator

Big Tax Credits Available Now When Starting A New Plan

SECURE 2.0 has made it possible for small businesses to receive a tax credit for starting a 401(k) plan this year. Learn more about SECURE 2.0 on our FAQ page. Use our tax credit calculator below to see how much your estimated savings could be!

Tax Credit Calculator Requirements

No more than 100 employees who received compensation of $5,000 or more in the preceding year and have at least one non-highly compensated employee (NHCE).

The employer did not offer a plan covering substantially the same employees during the previous three tax years.

This new tax credit is only available for new plans. If a plan was started previously you may still be eligible for a $500 automatic enrollment tax credit.

Instructions for Form 8881 (Rev. January 2024) (  

Form 8881 (Rev. December 2023) (

Tax Credit Calculator

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This credit is not available to employers that had greater than 100 employees who earned over $5,000 during the prior calendar year

*The calculations provided are for illustration purposes only and provide only general information and not specific legal or tax advice. These calculations are not intended, nor shall they be deemed to constitute or provide legal or tax advice or counsel. Please consult with your tax professional to determine your specific tax credit amount


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