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To maximize the value of your retirement plan, you need tools and good resources. You want your plan to mirror the goals you have set with your accounting or investment professional. Our staff has extensive experience working with the investment and accounting communities as well as regulatory institutions. Contact us for forms:

  • beneficiary change
  • employee contribution change
  • annual questionnaire
  • census – Excel spreadsheet
  • distribution procedure
  • loan procedure
  • business change form

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Your priority is running your business. We will help you cut through the complexity of managing your retirement plan. A well run plan is an excellent benefit for you and your employees – providing tax advantages today and savings for a well planned future. Value. You get service for your plan when you need it – we manage the annual compliance cycle. Over time, your business may change from start-up to multi-location. The business environment is not static – your plan should both keep pace with your business needs and conform to expanding regulatory requirements.


From set up to maintenance, Hunter Benefits offers comprehensive support to accounting and financial professionals for their clients on employer sponsored retirement plans. Both the tax code and the regulatory environment continue to change and there are multiple demands on employers to have successfully run plans. Hunter Benefits has the expertise to manage these issues and to support your value proposition. Some business owners will build their retirement portfolio over their entire career and some owners have only a few short years of significant cash flow. Hunter Benefits can help design the retirement plan and develop the strategy that helps your client build the plan that fits their situation. Hunter Benefits Consulting Group does the testing and plan design support to help maximize results in a plan while keeping a plan’s statutory compliance and tax-qualified status.


The 2022 Annual Dollar Limits have been updated. Click the link below to see the most recent updates.

2022 Annual Dollar Limits

March 2020- We have started a new Vlog series called “On The Couch with Christopher and Katherine Tipper”! Go check it out under our News tab or at Hunter’s Vlogs

January  2019 – We are extremely pleased to announce our merger with Carlson & Sevigny TPA Services, Inc. out of Spokane, Washington.

Scott Sevigny and his team in Spokane have an outstanding reputation for quality, service and support. We’re looking forward to working with them to help their expansion into a broader range of retirement plans.

Welcome aboard everyone!