Census Data Template

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The file layout and description is below. Include all employees on payroll during the year, even if they are not

yet eligible for the plan or have terminated during the year. If a column is not applicable, please leave it


Please note that if you provide census information in a different format, there may be a fee for the time

required for data entry.

File Layout for Census Data


Column A   First Name: Enter the employee’s first name and, if used, middle initial

Column B   Last Name: Enter the employee’s surname with any suffix used (e.g., Jr.)

Column C   Social Security Number: The SSNs may be entered either with or without hyphens

Column D.  Date of Birth: Enter the employee’s date of birth using the format mm/dd/yyyy

Column E   Date of Hire: Enter the employee’s original hire date or, if rehired multiple times, the first

                      date of hire in the year.

Column F   Date of Termination: Enter date of separation from service using the format mm/dd/yyyy.

Column G   Termination Reason: If an employee is terminated, please provide termination reason (i.e.,

                       voluntary, lay off, fired, retired, etc.)

Column H   Date of Rehire: Enter the date the employee was rehired after a termination using the format


Column I   Hours Worked: Enter the number of hours an employee worked during the plan year. You

                     can use 2080 hours for active full-time employees whose hours are not tracked. For

                     terminated employees and new hires, always use actual hours worked during the year.

Column J   Gross Compensation: Total gross compensation from the company for the plan year with

                     only severance pay excluded.

Column K   Company 2: Gross Compensation: If an employee receives compensation from more than

                one related company, enter the earnings from other company here. Please indicate the names

                     of the companies in the spreadsheet.

Column L   Fringe Benefits: Enter total reimbursements, expense allowance, cash and non-cash fringe

                     benefits, and moving expenses that are included in Gross Compensation.

Column M   Other Excluded Compensation: If earnings other than Fringe Benefits are excluded, list

                     amounts here and indicate the types of compensation in the spreadsheet.

Column N   Eligible Compensation: If a type of compensation is excluded from plan consideration,

                     please put the eligible amount in this column. Please refer to your Guide to Plan Operations or

                     Summary Plan Description for your definition of compensation and call your HBCG Compliance

                     Consultant with any questions.

Column O   Salary Deferrals: Amount of pre-tax salary deferrals contributed for the plan year

                     excluding Roth (W-2 box 12 code D, E, F, G, H).

Column P   Roth Contributions: Amount of after-tax salary deferrals designated as Roth 401(k) (W2 box

                     12 code AA, EE, BB)

Column Q   Optional Employer Match: If regular Employer match contributions are deposited during

                     the year, enter the amount here. Amounts receivable at year end should be included.

                     Remember to include the formula on the Compliance Questionnaire.

Column R   Safe Harbor Match: If Safe Harbor Match contributions are deposited during the year, enter

                     the amount here. Amounts receivable at year end should be included.

Column S   Loan Payments: Amount of loan payments made from payroll.

Column T   Other Employer Contribution: Amount of other contributions, such as Profit Sharing,

                     deposited during the year. Identify the type of contribution on the spreadsheet.

Column U   Employee Number: If your reporting is done by employee number, enter it here.

Column V   Class/Division/Company: Use this column to indicate different payroll, company, allocation,

                     or reporting groups.

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