Pricing Policy

Pricing Policy

Hunter Benefits Consulting Group is primarily a fee-for-service organization providing administration and compliance services for retirement plans and does not handle the sale of investment products. We do not accept commissions.

We work with a wide variety of investment companies and will work with whichever investment vehicle our clients find to provide the best combination of value and service for their plan.

Some recordkeeping companies give us asset-based compensation based on our work with their platforms. A portion of this compensation is used to defray annual valuation costs to clients who have account balances at the specific corresponding investment companies.

A Plan Sponsor (company sponsoring the plan) can elect to pay all administration costs or have participants pay either plan fees or participant-initiated fees, such as loans or distributions if the plan document allows it. Please review the plan SPD (Summary Plan Description) and discuss with your investment vehicle to determine how plan fees are handled.

A plan’s asset holder will have information that discloses costs associated with the investments so that both plan sponsors and participants can evaluate the value and service in how their assets are held.