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I’m A Pirate, You Should Be Too

by Webmaster

I am a pirate, both my kids are pirates and I have a one eyed cat.  Pirates deeply believe in stashing gold.   They do have daily tasks to manage – repairing a ship and stocking a hold. Surprisingly pirates really have a long-term vision; a long-term goal of having a pile of money that they can count on at a later date.  They are obsessive about it.  They believe they personally have to fund their own retirement plan. Like a pirate, if you have a little extra gold, you should stash it as early and often as possible.

I am sure you were once a pirate – as a kid you dressed up as a swashbuckler for Halloween or for fun on a bright sunny day.  You knew that, in all your adventures as a pirate, if you found a treasure chest of gold that you needed to stash it.

As an adult you start to identify with what you spend.  You must provide for your basic needs but you start to define yourself by what you have – the nicer house, car, clothes and vacations.  There is tremendous lost opportunity in not starting to build your chest of gold early and consistently as well as being watchful for ways that small pieces of gold are nibbled away from the pile.

So remember to be a pirate! Be a good pirate and start saving for your retirement today.

To reassure you, we are the good type of pirates.  We all went to Palatine High School – the Palatine Pirates – where we Commit to the Pirate and we believe in building a better ship, one pirate at a time. 

Arwen below had a melanoma in her eye and it needed to be removed.  She is still the affectionate kitty who lounges on our laps, jumps on the counter for her water dish and lets the dog know who the real boss is – channeling her inner pirate.