Hunter Benefits Consulting Group

Data FAQ

A listing of frequently asked questions about the purpose of the follow up request for data.

Your Compliance Administrator has reviewed the information you sent and needs further information. You have probably received an email with additional questions.

Both the Compliance Questionnaire and the Census form were sent early in the year. You would have received an email with a link to your portal account or with attachments, depending on the type of Plan you have. If you cannot locate it, please contact us so that we can get the forms to you promptly.

The Compliance and Form 5500 Annual Questionnaire is the survey that collects the information we need to do the annual Form 5500 and compliance testing.

Each question is specific to the year. Addresses, contact information, deposit dates, contribution decisions, company ownership and many other factors may change. All of the information we request is used either for your Form 5500 or for Plan compliance purposes.

Yes, unless your Compliance Administrator has follow-up questions about some of the information.

We have access to most recordkeeper platforms. What is usually missing is brokerage account information. Your Compliance Administrator will tell you if anything specific is missing.

Since your deposit is due when your tax returns are, we need a hint when you actually make the deposit.

The deposit deadline is September 15, and actuaries need written confirmation before they can prepare your Form 5500 schedules.