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Critical Plan Year Dates

Never miss a critical date again, missing dates can result in costly penalties and fees. To ensure you’re not missing anything just look at the due dates below or click on the month your plan year ends on the right and download it for exact dates.

Due Date (After Plan Year End)Documents Due
1 1/2 Months
Census and Questionnaire due in order to review for tests and calculations.
6 Months
Deadline to get any outstanding information in good order to HBCG to avoid extension and late data fee.
6 1/2 Months
Form 5558 Extensions are prepared and mailed to the IRS if your Form
5500 has not yet been completed and signed.

If Plan data has not been received in good order, there is a fee for filing the extension and a Late Data Fee for tracking and follow-up time spent.
7 Months
Form 5500 Due (if not on extension).
8 Months
Peak processing time fee starts. If your Plan information is not received or in good order, a Late Data Rush Fee will be incurred.
8 1/2 Months
Deposit due for all Defined Benefit and Money Purchase Pension Plans funding. There is not an automatic extension if the deadline falls on a weekend. Applicable to all business entity types.

Company contribution deposit due for tax deductibility for company filings on extension.
9 1/2 Months
Final Deadline for filing Form 5500 with extension.

Funding Deadline for Sole Proprietors Profit Sharing or 401(k)

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