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They’re Good Plans Brent

by Webmaster

My favorite Twitter account is WeRateDogs. They are unabashedly pro-dog. All the dogs submitted are rated higher than 10/10, usually a 12 or 13. As crazy as that rating system seems, it communicates that “all dogs are good” and getting better. With the cute pictures of dogs being rated, it is hard to disagree. This week they are celebrating Barkweek (instead of Sharkweek) with all the dogs featured with some kind of shark reference.

Their tag line “They’re Good Dogs Brent” comes from an exchange in September 2016 when a twitter user named Brent questioned the rating system – that it was ridiculous. WeRateDogs didn’t back down but showed that it was essential to their message that all dogs are good.

Likewise — 401(k) plans are good plans.

Most of the criticism of them are things that can change — finding ways to increase participation, looking to see where one is best served for investments, updating the plan provisions — plans can be improved but they are good plans. The first step is starting one and then improving it. With a 401(k) plan you can build something important and long lasting.