On the Couch With Christopher and Katherine Tipper
Have a seat with Christopher and Katherine Tipper as they go over the latest and most up to date topics that are hitting retirement plans today. 

Ep. 55 – Crafting the Story

We are coming up on our On the Couch 1 year anniversary. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Today we’re talking about story telling. About how, with the right data tools, you can turn a Form 55500 into a story that can help a current client or help you get a client. Even though the 5500 only has words and numbers on it, experience and a benchmarking tool can help you find its strong points and its pain points.

Washington update: The General Accounting Office (GAO) has tasked the Department of Labor (DoL) with determining the Plan Fiduciaries responsibility for cybersecurity and then address the minimum expectations for mitigating cybersecurity risk and establish all the requirements for Plan Fiduciaries to ensure the security of the plan data. Personal Identifying information (PII) is regularly sent through email to Third Party Administrators making that information at risk of being hijacked for nefarious purposes.

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