Amendment and Restatement introduction

Post-PPA Plan Document Restatement Process Begins 


The IRS requires Plan Document updates in a six-year cycle – their cycle, not your Plan’s – and the Post-PPA Restatement is the most recent. All plan documents like yours (about 99% of all documents) must be restated to remain compliant. 



We are targeting the restatements of all our plans by April of 2022 in order to meet the IRS signing deadline of July 2022.  We will be working on this process over the coming months and will send you an email when your new document package is ready.  



If you are not already on our Document Maintenance fee schedule, we will include your invoice with an email letting you know the document is ready. (Restatement fees are based on your service agreement.) We will finalize and send the document for your signature upon receipt of payment.  


If you are on our Document Maintenance fee schedule, we will restate your document with the existing provisions and send to you for signature later in the year. 


Required Plan Changes

This restatement includes both changes required by the IRS and industry best practices.  Please see the attached list for these items. See also our website under “Resources” for Restatement FAQs. 


Change Requests

If you need a single-item amendment during this process, such as adding or removing loans, we can include it in your restated document. More complex changes that require research or consulting, will incur amendment fees. Please reach out to your plan administrator to request any changes. 


Action Needed

Please be sure that our email domain is white-listed on your email server so you receive updates and your new document on time.